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Useful Tips for a Everest Base Camp trip

Useful Tips for a Everest Base Camp trip

Tips on How to Prepare Your Trips to Mount Everest

You want to travel to the Everest Base Camp, but have no idea how to prepare for the trip? Don’t worry, here are some carefully selected tips for an successful Mt. Everest tour.

Documents Required for a Tibet and Everest Base Camp Tour
Generally speaking, for foreign tourists entering Tibet, there are two documents need to be prepared:

1.Chinese Visa to allow you to enter China.
2.Tibet Permit to allow you to enter Lhasa and most parts of Tibet.

For more information about Chinese Visa and Tibet Permit, please watch our Video “Tibet Permit”

Best Time to Visit Mt. Everest

In general, April, May, early-June, September, October and early November are the best time to visit Mount Everest. In these months, the climate is pleasant and the sky is quite clear, the Mount Everest will be clearly visible to us during this days.
Make sure you take warm clothes, gloves and hats.
You should avoid a trip in July and August, they are the rainy seasons, it is not comfortable for trekking or taking photos to the mountains.
Winter is also very good season to visit Mount Everest, if the low temperature does not affect you much. You can have better chance to get a clear view of Mt. Everest in winter and there are much less tourist groups around.

Packing List for an EBC Tour

To make your trip to the Everest Base Camp easier and more comfortable you need to follow our checklist to prepare your luggage:

1. Clothing. In Tibet, especially the mountain regions, it could be fairly cold even in the summer, and temperature varies widely from day to night. So some warm coats like down jacket are indispensable. Do not forget a pair of comfortable shoes.

2. A sleeping bag is necessary for the night on the foot of Mount Everest, you can bring your own sleeping bag or rent one from us in Lhasa.

3. Sun protection. On the plateau, solar radiation is quite strong and can damage your skin more than you can imagine, so a pair of sunglasses and sun cream are a must during your trip in Tibet. A hat and long-sleeved clothes can also be helpful.

Itinerary of the Mount Everest Tour
A classic round trip from Lhasa to the Everest Base Camp will spend around 8 days. To travellers, two or three days are needed to acclimatize to the high altitude in Lhasa before they can go on their trip to Everest Base Camp. You will have at least one full day for visiting the Everest Base Camp, you will stay overnight in the guesthouse near Mount Everest to enjoy the stunning mountain views.

Accommodation along the Way from Lhasa to EBC

Accordning to our itinerary, we will start from Lhasa and travel westwards via Gyantse, Shigatse and Tingri to the Everest Base Camp.
We will be staying in Lhasa and Shigatse in comfortable hotel rooms, with breakfast, TV, shower, toilette, air conditioning and 24-hour hot water. What’s more, hotels are equipped with oxygen facilities to reduce the risk of altitude sickness.
After leaving Shigatse, we will go directly to Rongbuk monastery, about 8km from the Everest base camp.                                                                                                                                                                                         Ronbuk has a guest house for visiting travelers, and you are expected to spend the night there. The guest house has a large, communal sleeping area with eight to ten beds, due to the extrem high altitude and harsh environment, the conditions there are que simple. This is the only night the conditions might be a little tough, but the awesome view of Mt. Everest and the incredibly beautiful stars will make this night unforgettable in your life.
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